Sewer Line Cleaning And Repairs

Sewer Line Cleaning And Repairs Sewer Line Unclog And Repair

Is your toilet or bathroom not draining properly? Is it overflowing into your bathroom. Your problem may not be with the toilet. A blocked sewage line or drain can cause these problems. We have the tools knowledge and experience to clear your drains or fix, repair or replace any problems with your sewer line.

Sewer Blockage

Over time grease and other buildup will gradually decrease the flow through drain pipes. This results in blocked or slow drainage. In some cases you can have a completely blocked drain. In the case of families we often find young children have a tendancy to lose or drop a toy which when added to the existing buildup can cause a block resulting in a needed sewer line repair or sometimes replacement.

Tree Roots blocking Sewer Drains

Another culprit for in for sewer line blockage is tree roots. Trees and other plant roots are always looking for water. In many cases they can penetrate pipes and swer lines and begin growing inside the line. This obviously creates a back up and will need to be addressed.

Leaking Sewer Joints

Other problems are more typical in joints. A sewer line is more vulnerable to cracks and breaks in seals at joints or turns in a line.

Broken Pipes:

If a pipe is broken due to any of the already mentioned culprits or for any other reason this creates a plumbing problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. We can dig out and replace the damaged pipes in your plumbing. We also work under a slab or cement area. There are many different situations and we have seen almost everything. Please call Straightline Plumbing for an estimate or with any questions you may have.